Sr. Clarette Stryzewski

Sister M. Clarette Stryzewski has been a member of the Felician Sisters Congregation for 55 years. She joined Felician Services, Inc. (FSI) in Chicago, Illinois in January, 1993, as its President and CEO, while also serving as the President and CEO of St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia, Illinois. Her ministry at St. Mary’s Hospital began in 1983, a position which Sister held until 1995, when she became the full-time President and CEO of Felician Services, Inc.

Sister Clarette has been engaged in congregational ministries including elementary education, secondary education, clinical social work, hospital administration, and President and CEO of FSI. Sister was responsible for the overall direction and management of FSI, including the development and implementation of strategic goals and action plans of FSI. She led the leadership/management teams, ensuring that plans, operations, and services were aligned with the Mission, Vision, and Values of FSI. She functioned as a key liaison between the leadership teams and/or governing boards of FSI facilities and programs. She has also served as an ex-officio voting member of the FSI Board of Directors.

Effective January 1, 2014, Sister Clarette made the decision to relinquish her role as President and CEO of FSI, a position she held for twenty years, to become a part-time employee, assisting FSI as an Executive Liaison particularly to the co-sponsored healthcare ministries in Illinois and Wisconsin

For Sr. Clarette’s outstanding work in the health care field, she has been awarded an honorary Doctoral Degree in Ministerial Leadership, Madonna University, Livonia, MI, and Peacemaker Award from the Franciscan Federation, among many other acknowledgements of her service.

Sister has received her education at St. Louis University; University of Wisconsin and Mundelein College.

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