• January 14-22, 2022
  • January 21-29, 2022

Pilgrimage Description

The Holy Land

  • May 14-22, 2022
  • June 18-26, 2022

Pilgrimage Description 

California Missions

  • February 9-17, 2022


Pilgrimage Description

New Mexico Missions

  • July 11-18, 2022
  • August 1-8, 2022

Pilgrimage Description

**Registration Forms are due THREE months prior to the start date of your pilgrimage**

Dear Friars,

Two years ago, I wrote and mentioned that the Provincial Ministers approved a series of pilgrimages for the friars of the 6 provinces that are in the process of revitalization and restructuring. This would include the possibility of pilgrimages to Assisi, California, the Holy Land and perhaps the friaries in New Mexico. However, after only 2 pilgrimages, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the remaining pilgrimages. The Provincial Ministers have asked that we start up the pilgrimages again.

The purpose of such an experience is to bring together friars of the 6 provinces in a setting where there could be a fraternal and personal revitalization of the lives of the friars as they come together as one fraternity with the background of Christian and Franciscan roots. It is also a time for friars to get to know each other on a more personal level.

It is the hope of the administrations that there be equal number of friars from each of the provinces to go on each of these pilgrimages, as individuals, as members of the provinces and as members of the new province.

The Franciscan Pilgrimage Office would organize airfares, accommodations, local travel and pilgrimage-related expenses. Each province would pay for the pilgrimages of their members. You would just need a valid passport, health to be able to do the walking, especially in Italy and the Holy Land, and a desire to meet brothers in holy places.

Understanding that some friars may not be able to take on the challenges of international travel, we have put together some programs in the US.
Here are some options (and there may be more added as we receive more inquiries and some removed if there is not enough interest):

**Each pilgrimage will need at least 15 friars AND representation from at least  FOUR provinces in order to take place.**

January 14 – 22, 2022 Assisi with Fr. André Cirino and Sr. Margaret Carney
January 21 – 29, 2022 Assisi with Fr. André Cirino and Sr. Margaret Carney

February 9 – 17, 2022 California Missions –Fr. Joe Schwab and Andrew Galvan

MAY 2022
May 14 – 22, 2022 Holy Land with Fr. Anthony Chircop and Fr. Page Polk

JUNE 2022
June 18 – 26, 2022 Holy Land with Fr. Anthony Chircop And Fr. Page Polk

JULY 2022
July 11 -18, 2022 New Mexico Missions with Fr. Jack Clark Robinson

Aug 1 – 8, 2022 New Mexico Missions with Fr. Jack Clark Robinson

In the following pages, there is a brief description of each pilgrimage that would give you a good idea of what the individual pilgrimages present.
You may register online or mail in a printed copy of the registration form. The online registration is at If you have any questions, please call the Franciscan Pilgrimage Office at 414-427-0570 or email us at

Please indicate which program would be more appropriate for you in terms of travel and time.

Some programs start early in the new year so we would need to know if you intend to go on one of these pilgrimages in the next month or so.

Thank you.

John Cella, OFM
Director, Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs

**Registration Forms are due THREE months prior to the start date of your pilgrimage**

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