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Pilgrims will receive maps of Rome, Assisi, and Israel, each with updated recommended restaurants that are reasonably priced and reliable. Your pilgrimage leaders know the area and can give you advice.

For those traveling farther, before or after the pilgrimage, the following apps may be helpful.

These apps for your Smartphone may be available for both Android and Apple phones. It is easy to find them. To obtain these apps for your iPhone, you need to access Apple’s iTune/app store.

Many of iPad apps are also available for the iPhone. You may determine this by visiting the iTunes store. For Android phones, you can use the included app that came with your phone to determine if these applications are available for your phone.

Get Packed APP Developer: LuuX Sfotware. Price $1.99. Having to come up with a packing list can be challenging, but Get Packed actually creates your list for you and helps keep track of everything you have actually packed and have not yet packed, while you are getting ready to go on pilgrimage. When you first launch the App, it will ask for your country of origin, this will help it create the personalized packing list.

Rome 2Go APP Developer: Ulmon Solutions. Price $0.99. This is a perfect companion for the Eternal City. This will help make informed choices about where to go, what to see and how to get there. The app includes a guide to the metro and a zoomable map of the entire city. It runs off line.

FlightBoard APP Developer: Mobiata. Price: $3.99 This is a single purpose app that provides live airport departures and arrivals information. A single tap on an individual flight listing pops up a sharing bar from which you can quickly share that flight’s arrival of departure details via email.

Weather+ APP Developer: International Travel. Price: $0.99 This is a full-featured weather app. This very clear full-screen display shows the time along with the current temperature and weather conditions. Also visible on the home screen is an at-a-glance five day forecast with a maximum and minimum representations of the expected conditions.

ST. FRANCIS PILGRIMAGE PUZZLE APP Developer. Creative Dimensions. Price : $0.99 This app is a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi. It provides a fun virtual pilgrimage of the places and sites of his journey and his calling. If you would like to learn more or see these places in person, please visit

JET LAG FIGHTER APP Developer: Mental Workout, LLC. Price $1.99. Use this app to get more out your pilgrimage. Dr. Chris Idzikowski’s approach uses natural techniques to speed up the adjustment to a new time zone.

LINGOPAL APP Developer: Lingopal Holdings Pty, Ltd. Price: $9.99. There are over 900 phrases in all which is great, but the thing that really separates this app from old school phrasebooks is that each phrase can be played out loud in the local language! This means you don’t need to guess at pronunciation or try to sound things out. Lingopal lets you display each phrase in big letters, plus you can add phrases to a “Favorites” list for easy access. No internet access is needed to look things up. Definitely worth buying if going abroad.

FLIGHTVIEW APP Developer: Fligtview. Price: $0.99. This is a feature rich app. Let’s start with finding flights you want to track. Of course, you could just add the airline (by name of airline code) and flight number, but you can also search for flights. Internet connection required. Highly recommended.

MYTSA APP Developer: Transportation Security Administration. Price: Free. “MyTSA” gives you 24/7 access to information that passengers frequently request from the Transportation Security Administration.

THE WORLD CLOCK APP Developer: Orlin Kolev. Price: $0.99. It displays the local time up to 24 locations, selected from a database with more than 192,000 populated places from more than 230 countries around the world.

CITY MAPS 2Go APP Offline Map and Travel Guide. Developer: Ulmon GmbH. It’s easy to get lost when you visit a new city and it can be a pain standing around consulting maps, trying to find where you are and then orientating yourself. City Maps can solve all these problems and for a fraction of the cost of traditional maps. All you need to do is download the latest version of the map for the city you’re planning to visit — all downloads are free once you’ve bought the app — and you’re good to go. There are presently nearly 3000 cities available including Rome. Once downloaded the maps are completely accessible offline with information on places of interest and the ability to bookmark spots yourself. Very valuable for travelers.


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