This pilgrimage is offered to CEOs, administrators, board members and all those who have significant responsibility in carrying forward the mission of Franciscan Institutions.
11 days
Assisi, Rome, Greccio

pilgrims assisi backgroundThe administration of many Franciscan institutions is no longer in the hands of the founding religious communities. This pilgrimage is offered to CEOs, administrators, board members and all those who have significant responsibility in carrying forward the mission of Franciscan Institutions. The program’s goals are threefold:

(1) to bring into focus the transformative vision and legacy of SS. Francis and Clare; (2) inculcate Franciscan values into Franciscan systems; (3) help leaders clarify the vision and values which shape the philosophy of Franciscan Institutions.

Pilgrims in this experience come with openness to personal transformation and willingness to translate their learning into corporate action. Study, conversation, prayer and leisure help to realize the goals of this program.

Details Overseas flight to Rome. ASSISI [6 Days] You will be introduced  to Assisi, the city of SS. Francis and Clare. You will see the sanctuaries of  Chiesa Nuova, Francis’ paternal home; San Damiano, site of the rebuilding mission given to Francis; the Porziuncola, the heart of the Franciscan movement; La Verna, where Francis received the stigmata; and the Basilicas of St. Francis and St. Clare. GRECCIO [Rieti Valley] Enroute to Rome  you will visit the sanctuary where St. Francis revitalized the crèche.  ROME [3 Days]  You will see St. John Lateran, (the baptistry of the Franciscan Order and the Vatican of Francis’ day), and  St. Peter’s Basilica. A bus tour will take you to significant Roman sites. There will be time for leisure, evaluation, and a final dinner together.


Each pilgrimage consists of input by well-prepared, trained staff • wholesome meals served family style • visits to sacred Christian and Franciscan places • solid historical information • free time • good fun with companion pilgrims • daily prayer and Eucharist at holy places • spiritual conferences • opportunities to enjoy local cafes and restaurants • time to revisit places of special meaning • suggestions on where to shop • time to enjoy the beautiful countryside and culture • time for quiet.

Lodging in all cities • All gratuities for bus drivers, lodging, restaurants and luggage • Bus transfers and luggage handling • All group entrance fees • All taxi services in Assisi • All meals (except for a few meals, depending on the particular pilgrimage when pilgrims have some free time to explore an  area on their own) • Daily Mass and Rituals • Input and guidance of two qualified Pilgrimage Leaders.

Sample Pilgrimage Program

The actual program schedule varies according to length of the pilgrimage and days of the week. (E.g.; A Papal Audience is possible only on Wednesdays). This example is provided to give the pilgrim a general idea of the pilgrimage content. Your program will have differences.

Day 1 Leave USA for Rome

Day 2 Arrival and Homecoming in Assisi

  • 09:00 Pilgrims arrive at Fiumicino
  • 10:30 Bus departs for Assisi Break at Collevalenza
  • 01:30PM Arrival at Casa Papa Giovanni (CPG); room assignments
  • 02:00 Light Pranzo
  • 05:00 Orientation to Italy, introductions of pilgrims and CPG Lecture; Lecture: Spirituality of place and Pilgrimage; Opening Prayer, Book and Communications Ritual, Tau Crosses
  • 06:30 Walk into Assisi from Piazza Comune
  • 07:30 Cena (Dinner) at CPG

Day 3 Home and the Beginnings of Our Story

  • 07:45 AM Morning prayer at Roof Terrace
  • 08:15 Colazione (Breakfast)
  • 09:00 Lecture: The Context and Culture of Francis and Clare
  • 09:45 Meet in Piazza Comune, Visit in the piazza, Assisi’s marketplace
  • 10:15 Chiesa Nuova: Visit and ritual
  • 11:00 Walk to Santa Maria Maggiore, historical visit
  • 11:15 Santa Maria Maggiore, Eucharist (Stripping ritual)
  • 01:00 PM Pranzo (CPG); Riposo
  • 03:45 Rooftop Garden of Casa Papa Giovani

Day 4 San Damiano – The Call

  • 07:30  AM  Colazione (CPG)
  • 08:30 Slideshow: The San Damiano Cross and the Call
  • 09:30 Walk to San Damiano (Taxis optional from Basilica Chiara)
  • 11:00 Historical visit; Healing Ritual; Contemplative time
  • 12:15PM Return to CPG
  • 01:00 Pranzo (CPG)
  • 04:00 Lecture: San Damiano and Clare’s Call to Mutual Unity. Integration session: Leadership in relationship
  • 05:30 Walk to Santa Chiara; historical visit to Santa Chiara; prayer before the crucifix and a prayer at tomb of Clare, ritual to Porta Moiano
  • 07:30 Cena (CPG)

Day 5 Porziuncola: Our Mission to Reconciliation and Healing

  • 07:00  AM Colazione
  • 08:10 Depart for Porta Nuova; local bus to Porziuncola
  • 09:30 Eucharist at the Porziuncola
  • 10:45 Visit
  • 11:45 Walk to Rufino d’Arce
  • 12:30PM Context of the Valley: Francis and the Leper
  • 01:00 Bagged lunch
  • 02:15 Ritual of the Leper La Maddalena Chapel
  • 03:00 Taxis to Rivo Torto
  • 03:15 Taxis to Piazza Comune; free evening; cena on one’s own expense

Day 6 LaVerna -The season and the “seasoning’ of suffering

  • 06:45  AM Colazione
  • 08:00 Bus departs for La Verna
  • 10:00 Arrival, break
  • 10:30 Historical visit
  • 12:00PM Eucharist
  • 01:30 Pranzo
  • 03:00 Optional midday prayer and procession
  • 04:00 Bus departs from Assisi
  • 07:30 Light cena

Day 7 The journey into God: Inward, Upward and Outward

  • 07:30 AM Colazione
  • 08:30 Depart on foot for the Basilica of San Francesco
  • 9:00 Eucharist at the Tomb of St. Francis; group photo and distribution of headsets
  • 10:15 Historical visit of Basilica of St. Francis
  • 01:00PM Pranzo (CPG)
  • 03:30 Optional departure to Carceri. Taxis depart from Piazza Comune
  • 06:00 Taxis return
  • 07:30 Cena at own expense

Day 8 Incarnation: The Word made Flesh

  • 08:00 AM Colazione
  • 09:00 Luggage to foyer
  • 09:30 Bus departs from Assisi to Greccio; visit to Sanctuary of Greccio
  • 01:00PM Eucharist
  • 01:45 Pranzo
  • 02:30 Bus departs for Rome
  • 04:30 Arrival in Rome
  • 05:30 Orientation to Rome and virtual tour of St. Peter’s
  • 07:15 Walk through Rome and light meal, return before 10:00pm

Day 9 Rome – Tomb of St. Peter and St. John Lateran

  • 06:45 AM Colazione
  • 07:15 Depart for St. Peter Basilica
  • 08:00 Eucharist; free morning for Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter Basilica, shopping
  • 1:00pm Pranzo at own expense
  • 03:00 Depart for San Francisco a Ripa
  • 03:30 Historic visit and prayer
  • 04:00 Bus to St. John Lateran, historical visit
  • 05:30 Stone Ritual
  • 06:30 Bus returns to pensione
  • 07:30 Cena

Day 10 Rome – Encountering the person in the crowds

  • 08:00AM Colazione, free day for Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter Basilica, shopping
  • 5:30PM Discussion and Evaluation
  • 06:30 Thanksgiving prayer and blessing of pilgrimage
  • 07:30 Cena at pensione

Day 11 Rome and Home – The Journey Continues

  • 07:00  AM Colazione and luggage at door
  • 07:30 Bus departs from pensione to Fiumicino Airport, Rome
  • 11:15 flight departs

Dates TBD

Pilgrimage cost includes: pensioni that is clean, comfortable, secure and well located; three meals per day with few exceptions; transportation by air-conditioned coach; all tips, offerings and sanctuary fees; books, notebooks, full services of staff; daily input with lectures and conferences. Snacks and shopping not included. NEW FOR 2023: To offer you the most flexibility in making flight arrangements, we have decided to offer Land Only prices for our pilgrimages this year.  If you would like to use a travel agent to book your flights, please contact Barbara Witkowski, at Rex Travel (1.800.777.7739).   We ask that all pilgrims meet our staff at Fiumicino Airport (Rome) or Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv) outside of Customs at noon on Day 2 of the pilgrimage (Day 1 is a travel day).   Our buses will leave soon thereafter.  If you miss the bus, you will be responsible to meet the group at your first hotel.

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