Dr. John V. Kruse

Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri Ph.D., Historical Theology, May 14, 2005. 
Dissertation: “Reevaluating the Origins of Papal Infallibility: Understanding Papal Authority in the Bulls of the Franciscan Poverty Controversy (1230-1329).” Provides a complete historical context for situating the controversy regarding the origins of papal infallibility. Dissertation Director: J.A. Wayne Hellmann, O.F.M., Conv., Dr. Theol. Additional Committee Members: James Heft, S.M., Ph.D. and James R. Ginther, Ph.D. 

Comprehensive exams: Major area – Medieval Christianity. Minor areas – Early Modern Christianity and American Christianity. All exams passed with distinction.

Graduate Certificate in Medieval Studies from Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 
Language Proficiency: Greek, Latin, French, German, and Italian (extended study in Germany and Italy). 

University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio M.A., Theology, 1996. Cumulative Research Project: “The Italian Concordats of 1929 and 1984: Exploring the Shifting Theological and Historical Foundations of Church-State Relations in Italy.” 

B.A., International Studies and Foreign Languages, 1990. Summa Cum Laude University Honors Program Thesis: “Abortion and the Lack of Acceptance of Church Teaching in Italy.”

E-mail: krusej@neumann.edu

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