If you are planning a sabbatical, you might consider including one of our pilgrimages. The Franciscan Study Pilgrimage lends itself very well as an element of a sabbatical program. It is approximately twenty-five days in length. It’s structure is a wonderful blend of prayer, academic input and leisure.

Our Study Pilgrimages — one in summer and one in fall — are extended pilgrimages in which the pilgrim has time to reflect, meditate and relax in the very environment in which St. Francis reflected, meditated and relaxed in the Lord.  Pilgrims will have the time to pray, study, breathe in the same air that Francis enjoyed during his own conversion, during his own sabbaticals from the busy-ness of life.

Another pilgrimage that would be a great component to any sabbatical is the California Mission Pilgrimage.  We have a three year cycle of pilgrimages — northern, central and southern missions — in which the pilgrim can explore and experience the early Franciscans that settled in the California area.

Each of our pilgrimages offer prayer and community experiences, private retreat time and time to enjoy the company of other pilgrims.  Of course, our staff is well qualified and able to provide excellent input, both on the historical and spiritual levels.  The accommodations, food and scheduling has been consistently praised.

For more information about these programs and other pilgrimages, please contact the pilgrimage office at 414.427.0570 or e-mail.


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