9 days
Oberammergau and Munich, Germany

Join Us in Summer 2022 for this 9 day Pilgrimage!

Since 1634 the residents of Oberammergau, Germany, have performed the Passion Play, depicting the Last Supper, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ
every 10 years.  

While the primary focus of this pilgrimage will be the centuries-old Passion Play in the picturesque city of Oberammergau, we will have the opportunity to visit some significant sanctuaries and make the Franciscan connections the Order has in Bavaria.

Following the experience of the Passion Play itself, we’ll visit Dillingen, whose Franciscan origins date back to 1241, just 15 years after the death of St. Francis. We’ll also stop to visit the memorial site of the concentration camp in Dachau adjacent to the Carmelite Monastery and take advantage of the opportunity to explore Bavaria’s major city—Munich. Join us!

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