Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs Terms

Here is some general information about the services we offer our pilgrims.

Click Here for a PDF version of the General Information booklet.  All pilgrims will recieve a hard copy in the mail before leaving for pilgirmage.

Connecting Flights

For those who take the Pilgrimage Only option we strongly suggest that you have our travel agent arrange any connecting flights. Airlines sometimes change their flight schedules and our travel agent would make the necessary adjustments so that your international flight connection will not be missed. Neither our travel agent nor Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs can be responsible for missed connections when the pilgrim has made his/her own connecting flight arrangements. You will be contacted to get your approval of the proposed flight itinerary and the cost.

Baggage Fees

Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs, Inc. is not responsible for additional luggage fees charged by the air carriers


Deposits are non-refundable. Exceptions can be granted in cases of sudden serious illness or death of an immediate family member. Documentation (hospital bill, letter from a doctor on office stationery, or copy of a death notice) is required. In these cases a processing fee of $50.00 is charged and the rest of your deposit will be returned. As an alternative you can transfer your deposit to a different program.

Pilgrimage Only Cancellations

If you cancel but have taken the Pilgrimage Only package, your refund will be processed and sent to you within six weeks of your cancellation, minus your non-refundable deposit and a $50.00 processing fee.

Pilgrim's Cancellation

If you cancel after you have sent full payment but before your ticket is written, your payment will be refunded, minus your deposit. Exceptions can be granted if there is sudden serious illness or death of an immediate family member. Documentation is required. In these cases a processsing fee of $50.00 is charged.

If you cancel after your ticket is written,your ticket for your connecting flight in the USA is non-refundable but might be reuseable for a fee, depending on the airline’s policies. Your international ticket would be non-refundable, depending on the airline’s policies. In certain circumstances the cost of the ticket is refunded but a penalty is charged by the airlines. The remainder of your payment (Land Only portion) would be refunded (minus your deposit).

If you cancel after your ticket is written due to sudden serious illness or death of an immediate family member, your connecting flight ticket is non-refundable. Policies vary from airline to airline. The cost of your international ticket might be refunded, and in this instance the airlines might reduce their penalty. Documentation of illness/death is required. The Land Only portion of your payment would be returned, along with your deposit. A processing fee of $50.00 is charged.

If you cancel after your ticket is written and you decide to transfer your payments to another program, there will be an airline fee to re-issue your ticket. If the program to which you transfer is more expensive, you will need to pay the difference in cost. A processing fee of $50.00 is charged.

Program Cancellation

If a pilgrimage is cancelled by Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs, those currently registered will receive a full refund. If you cancel prior to an “official” cancellation, your ticket will be subject to airline penalties. Pilgrimages will be cancelled for the following reasons: an insufficient number of registrations; natural disasters that would impede running the program; or travel Warnings from the United States Department of State.

Please note: Airline refunds can take up to two months to process. If, after that time you have not yet received your refund, please contact the Pilgrimage Office for a status report

Late Registration

Late registrations (after the 90 day deadline for payment) require immediate full payment by overnight mail.

If your registration arrives less than 40 days prior to the beginning of the program, a processing fee of $25.00 will be added to the cost of the program. Depending on the airline there also may be a late booking fee of $50.00


The cost of the program does NOT include: a) passport and visa fees; b) extra travel, visits, or excursions not scheduled for the group by the staff as part of the official program; c) gratuities that are not a part of group visits to shrines; d) travel, life, accident or health insurance; e) airport or border taxes (for those making their own travel plans).

FRANCISCAN PILGRIMAGE PROGRAMS is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by participants who miss scheduled departure times for group travel either by air or surface transportation.

FRANCISCAN PILGRIMAGE PROGRAMS is not responsible for any medical expenses incurred by any member of the group or for any additional costs incurred by participants who cannot complete the program for whatever reason.

Over Payment

Those who send in final payments without deducting their deposits, resulting in an over-payment, will no longer be charged a $10.00 office fee for refund checks that need to be written by Franciscan Pilgrimage Program


Full payment must be received in our office, along with other required forms, a minimum of 95 days prior to departure. .

  1. Completed “Reservation Form” along with your non-refundable deposit of $200.00 (US Dollars)
  2. Completed forms found enclosed wit this packet: Payment-Travel Plans and Medical Information. (Note: for students there may be additional forms.)
  3. Full payment before the specified deadline
  4. Photocopy of photo page of a valid passport
  5. Full participation from beginning to end, with no personal agenda that would separate one from the group
  6. Intent to share, enjoy leisure, read, and use the experience in life and ministry
  7. The ability to keep up physically with the group without being disruptive of the program
Ticket Changes

If you make any changes on your air ticket after it is written you will be charged a $100.00 fee plus any airline penalties.

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