A spiritual pilgrimage for high school students
Assisi and Rome

Since 1995, Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs has offered opportunities for young people of high school age to make a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome, Italy.

The programs are designed to be a spiritual pilgrimage. They may serve as the culmination of academic work that students have begun as part of their course curriculum. The underlying philosophy of our pilgrimages is the belief that meaning and direction for life is not bound by chronological age.

Putting words to the experience of pilgrimage is not easy because words often fall short to describe an experience of God, a deepening of one’s faith. That is what the high school Franciscan pilgrimage is all about – experiencing God, growing in one’s faith, becoming more loving and generous in thought, word and deeds.

Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs invites students to make the journey to the homeland of SS. Francis and Clare; to walk the streets that they walked; to visit the places they visited and to engage in conversation with Francis and Clare as they make associations to their own journey in faith… “following the footprints of Jesus Christ.”

High School Virtual Pilgrimage

Starting in November 2020 the Franciscan Pilgrimages Program started a virtual pilgrimage option for those that wanted to journey to Assisi and Rome during the pandemic.  These pilgrimages are completely FREE and for your use whenever you need to take a walk down a quiet street in Assisi or drop yourself smack dab in the middle of the Vatican.

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