Clothing Tips

Going on an adventure like a pilgrimage to a foreign land is exciting. Questions that many pilgrims have is what should they pack; what should they wear. Check the page on packing tips on the web site. The information there should be helpful. As a general rule the old adage works best. Pack your suit case. Unpack it, but repack it with only half have of what you wanted to take initially. Then, double the amount of money you intended to take! Another piece of advice comes from GQ magazine (April 2010). In the Style Guy column, this question and answer was provided.

Question: My cousin and I are planning a big trip to Europe this summer. Any suggestions on how not to look like an American tourist while on the Continent? Answer: Leave your baseball cap and your team-logo stuff at home. Forget cargo pants and shorts, fanny packs, safari vests, and golf-course polo shirts and sun visors. Tuck your shirt in. No pants on the ground. Leave the baggy stuff at home. And the sci-fi-influenced sneakers, and the big white ones like Seinfeld wears. Don’t have a T-shirt peeking out of your shirt collar or walk around with a drink in your hand. When I’m in Europe and someone asks me for directions, I always take it as a compliment.

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