Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs and the Great Country of Australia!

Parents often wonder what can be done to regain the respect for the person. How can our young people be given the means to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence and to accept and appreciate the difference of culture, religion and colour? Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs bring students to Assisi to learn more about values, beliefs and peace-making through walking in the footsteps of Saints Francis and Clare, two saints whose lives continue to be relevant to all people today.

Since 1995, Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs has offered opportunities for young people of high school age to make a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome, Italy.

The programs are designed to be a spiritual pilgrimage. The underlying philosophy of our pilgrimages is the belief that meaning and direction for life is not bound by chronological age.

Putting words to the experience of pilgrimage is not easy because words often inadequate to describe an experience of God, a deepening of one's faith. That is what the high school Franciscan pilgrimage is all about - experiencing God, growing in one's faith, becoming more loving and generous in thought, word and deeds.

Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs Australia invites students to make a journey to the homeland of Saints Francis and Clare; to walk the streets that they walked; to visit the places they visited; to seek to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Franciscan vision while making connections to their own journey in faith.

In addition to the pilgrimage program, there will be time for personal sightseeing, shopping and savouring the delights of the Italian way of life.

The Faces of Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs Australia are Dora and Ian Luxton. They have participated in a number of pilgrimages and can provide assistance with aspects of preparation in order to ensure a rewarding pilgrimage experience. Some ways that Dora and Ian can assist include:

  • sharing their experience of pilgrimage with your community

  • providing information for interest meetings

  • exploring options relating to single/joint school pilgrimages

  • assisting with customising a pilgrimage unique to your specific goals

  • liaising with FPP(USA) on your behalf

  • preparing participants to be pilgrims

  • assisting with evaluation/debriefing session(s) post pilgrimage to gauge new insights, discoveries and transformation.

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