Dear Friars,


At a meeting of the provincial councils of the US-6, I was approached to put together a series of pilgrimages for the friars of the six provinces that are in the process of revitalization and restructuring. This would include the possibility of pilgrimages to Assisi, California, the Holy Land and to New Mexico.

The purpose of such an experience is to bring together friars of the 6 provinces in a setting where there could be a fraternal and personal revitalization of the lives of the friars as they come together as one fraternity with the background of Christian and Franciscan roots. It is also a time for friars to get to know each other on a more personal level.

It is an essential goal of the pilgrimages that there be a good mix of friars from each of the 6 provinces to attend, as individuals, as members of the provinces and as members of the new province.

The Franciscan Pilgrimage Office will organize airfares, accommodations, local travel and pilgrimage related expenses. You would just need a valid passport, health to be able to do the walking especially in Italy and the Holy Land, and a desire to meet and pray with brothers in holy places.

Granted that because some friars may not be able to take on the challenges of international travel, we have put together some programs in the US.

There are 4 links below this letter that will take you to an online version of the INTEREST FORMS. Please click on the link to the pilgrimage you would like to go on. This is ONLY a survey to determine which programs we actually plan and offer to the friars.

Thank you for all you are doing to prepare for the future of our Franciscan life in the US.

John Cella, OFM

Director, Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs

Rome/ Assisi Interest Form

Holy Land Interest Form

California Missions Interest Form

New Mexico Missions Interest Form