Veterans of the Military Pilgrimage

Walk with us as we experience God’s love, a healing of memories, and a life in peace.

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Bring into focus the transformative vision of Ss. Francis and Clare

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Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs

The Franciscan Pilgrimage Experience is a cross-cultural journeying together in the spirit of Francis and Clare in order to nurture an encounter with Jesus Christ through the spirituality of place. We commit ourselves to serve as sisters and brothers, fostering conversion to a deeper Gospel life and promoting the future vitality of the Franciscan heritage.

Since the 1970s Franciscan Pilgrimages has provided outstanding and critically acclaimed pilgrimages to those parts of the world that have shaped the faith of Christians. Our staff consists of more than fifty Franciscan and lay men and women from all the branches of the Franciscan family. Many of the pilgrimage leaders enjoy an international reputation as Franciscan scholars. Many have published.

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“We returned enlightened and fired by the flame of the Holy Spirit. What a Pilgrimage! The mantras are still echoing in my heart, particularly the melody we chanted at the eucharistic prayer. I can’t seem to let go of it!”

Anthony & Jerome H.

St. Bonaventure’s Journey into God’s Love Retreat

We invite you to join this retreat on St. Bonaventure’s masterpiece, Itinerarium Mentis in Deum, his Journey into God!

Veterans of the Military Pilgrimage

Are you a veteran of the military or know someone who is? Walk with us as we experience God’s love, a healing of memories, and a life in peace.


Camino de Santiago

Embark on a journey of a lifetime! Discover the magic of the Camino de Santiago: Where adventure meets pilgrimage, and every step is a story waiting to be written.

“I was initially nervous because I am not Catholic. I thought I might feel out of place or might feel marginalized. I felt nothing like that! In fact, I found kindred spirits who were also worried initially. History combined with spirituality made for an amazing, soul-searching adventure.”

Pauline Hoffman

Dean of School of Journalism and Mass Communication, St. Bonaventure University, NY

“Tourgrimage” to Florence, Rome and Assisi!

Love pilgrimage but looking for a new lens to view Italy through? Maybe you’re unsure if pilgrimage is the type of adventure for you. Tourgrimage is a new way to tour through the various sites of Italy while also taking some time for prayer and reflection at some of the holy Franciscan sanctuaries in Rome, Assisi, and Florence. Following a successful debut in 2022, Tourgrimage is back for 2024! Sound interesting? Click here for more information!

Florence, Assisi, Rome
Counter Cultural Path

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A Parish Pilgrimage

Your parish may be planning special events to commemorate the anniversary of its establishment. Please consider a pilgrimage to the Holy Land as part of this celebration.Franciscan Pilgrimages will help with the elements of publicity, organization, travel arrangements, housing, and, most importantly, with the content of the pilgrimage.  MORE

We do not wish to discourage anyone from participating in our uplifiting pilgrimages, but we should note that, unlike the United States, Rome, Assisi and the Holy Land are not as sensitive to the barrier free needs of people. Italy has “charming” cobble stone streets and uneven sidewalks. This 12 second video provides a visual of the condition of “normal” streets in Italy. View on YouTube

Pilgrims shell

Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs is a non-profit ministry of the US Franciscans. With over 50 years of experience, we have guided 20,000+ pilgrims from forty-five countries on pilgrimage, facilitating the sharing of spirituality of place and the Franciscan vision of life

Our logo, the scallop shell and Tau Cross has its origin prior to the middle ages. The Scallop shell was recognized as the symbol of Christian pilgrimage. To this day pilgrims are acknowledged simply by wearing the shell around their neck. One of its purposes was to scoop water from rivers and streams to quench thirst. The Tau Cross was used by St. Francis as his signature. Wearing the Tau is a declaration of commitment to on-going conversion which was at the core of Francis’ spirituality.

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