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Announcing a New Pilgrimage

Within the present decade of this new millenium the eighth centenary of the birth of one of the most distinguished friars of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition will be celebrated: Giovanni di Fidanza, later known as St. Bonaventure. Although scholars have different opinions concerning the actual date of St. Bonaventure’s birth, many have settled on 1217. While we are within this decade of the new millenium and with this specific date in mind, we invite you to celebratethe eighth centenary of the birth of the Seraphic Doctor, St. Bonaventure, by attending a pilgrimage to Italy which birthed him and to France which birthed him into the Franciscan Order. Save the dates: July 8-19, 2017. Review full itinerary.

A Pilgrim's writes about Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is known for it's pearl production. Barbara Stricker uses the formation of a pearl as a metaphore for her growith of faith while on pilgrimage to Junipero Serra's place of birth. >>More

Pilgrimage Staff Member Reflects on Veterans Pilgrimage

Staff member, Sr. May Elizabeth Imler shares the moving experience she had while facilitating a recent pilgrimage for Veterans of the Military. >>More

Franciscan Pilgrimages and the Youth of Australia

Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs has had a long relationship with the Christian youth, adults and educational staff of Australia. This relationship has continued to strengthen through the efforts of Dora and Ian Luxton, our contacts in the great country of Australia. >>More

Franciscan International Study Centre - Canterbury, England

Perhaps you pilgrimage experience has peaked your interest to learn more about the Franciscan tradition in a formal, academic atmosphere. Click here to learn about three programs offered by the Franciscan Centre in England.

Franciscan College and University Testimonials

"Assisi and Rome, Papal Audience, being able to bring your spouse, time to explore on your own, and time for spiritual renewal. I would also like to add great food and being enriched with the Franciscan Spirit! Thank you for a great pilgrimage and becoming closer to God!" Carol G.; Sr. Francis College, Ft. Wayne, IN >>More

Santa Maria Maddalena

The original name for the leper hospice Santa Maria Maddalena was San Lazzaro d’Arce. Most leprosariums were named after the leper Lazarus and later after another despised person from the gospels, Mary Magdalen. The chapel, Santa Maria Maddalena, is all that remains from the hospital that existed during the time of Francis. A fine art statue of Mary Magdalene is being offered by Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs. >>More




Video About Bagnoregio

For those pilgrims whose itinerary will include a visit to Bagnoregio, the birth place of St. Bonaventure, this outstanding 1:05 minute video will give you an idea of how spectacular this medieval village is. Click on the picture to view.

Pilgrimage Specifically for TORs

The Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs is pleased to announce a new pilgrimage which celebrates the richness of the TOR heritage and its Rule and Life. This pilgrimage is scheduled for November 8 -17, 2016 (NOTE There has been a change of dates for this program. These dates are the current accurate dates.)  >>More

Basilica of St. Clare, Assisi, Italy


Holy Year of Mercy

Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs has arranged a pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi celebrating Pope Francis' Holy Year of Mercy - June 18-28, 2016 Ten Days . >>More






Apps For Travel

Even the seasoned tarveler needs help in manuvering airports, connecting flights, packing tips and weather. We have a list of apps for your Smartphone which you might want to use as you plan your pilgrimage. >>More



Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs registers all pilgrims to Italy with the United States Consulate in Rome using the USA Governments STEP Program. >>More